Monday, November 30, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Its been a couple of days since I came home, and my laptop is working as good as before, but its heating up too fast :-( wonder what is the problem now, hmmm have to manage that later. Did some chores in homa as usual, not much actually. When in hostel, I had some things in mind, but when I am actually here, situation is not the convenient...Hmmm... I am bored and irritated with the whole day. Like all days there was some nice things dat happened, but over all I just feel like shoutin at some1 now. I wanna blast some1 from d bottom of my heart...

I wonder wy some parents are so irresponsible that they just dont care what their kids do and how their kids are disturbing others. I am saying this specifically cuz one of the main reason I am extremely irritated is one such kid who lives near my apartment. Mom said today is Bharani deepam, so put some nice kolam, I said ok and I was putting, when that kid comes running and spreads my one hour's work all over the place. Neither did his mom shout at him nor did she say sorry nor anything. next time he did d same thing and his mom has d guts to laugh on my face!! ellaam en thala ezhuthu.!! cha...

I have neva seen a more naughty and yet scaredy cat kid before. The moment I go near him he starts crying and all, but when I am not looking, he is d worst mischievous kid ever... Hmmm... I dont like being irritated lik this and especially if i dont vent it out soon, i may end up shouting at some one else.. Hope that doesnt happen... Hmmm...

Just formatted my laptop yesterday. Guess that the performance is better, but it feels different and new and of course all the changes that I had made are gone, so feels alienated! hmmm some how hav got addicted to this little cute box of mine...I mean, I love my laptop!!! Lol....

Monday, November 9, 2009

wat becomes of our life?

I keep wondering this so many times.. I mean, look at Mendel, The great Genetics genius. A monk who discovered a pattern by growing pea plants. He defined the entity (gene) responsible for hereditary features from one generation to the other, and also the reason for variation. Poor guy, he took so much pains and spent so much effort and time and his findings were ignored by the scientific world till upto bout 80yrs after his death!!! Now, we, the next generation, we talk so highly of him and use his findings in our day to day study and research. But back then, poor guy died without being acknowledged for his finding.

Friday, November 6, 2009


I am not talkin about the nursery story about Goldilocks and the three bears.. this is the name I had kept for a cute little kitten that I found a rainy night in my colony.. It was dark and dreary (power cut) and I loved roaming about in the cool night, so when I went down, I was standing, waiting for my dad, and suddenly something climbed onto my feet!! I bent down and took it into my hands, and that is my first feel of a baby cat, and my first scratch from one too.. obviously it tried to escape, but i jus held it close and I hugged it and I guess it preffered warmth to the cold outside, so it promptly fell asleep. I proudly took it home and declared that it was mine. Mom's reaction is predictable, she joked saying she was already the care-taker of a zoo (me and my sis) and did not need more!! Final verdict was my goldilocks was respectfully taken outside on the road and left there, with my dad consoling me that these animals know how to fend themselves and they did not need me!! right!!

style of writing

When I started writing this blog I dint kno how I shud write or what to write about.. that time vishvak sed write wateva yu feel lik, cuz its urs and only yu shud decide how and what shud be in it.. I guess I followed his words to a certain extent. today, I took the time off to read my older posts, and I realised dat it was all me.. At every post, in every description, I cud see the time, the place and the mood I was in when I wrote it.. I do not know how others perceive me or wat picture they get bout me from these random posts, but I loved the originality and the feel I got when I read the posts.. hmmm... Sometimes I amaze myself.. Lol...

i or I???

someone has commented that I should use capital 'I' and not 'i' when I am writing..
Dude, I know english, and am well familiar wit punctuation and all that...

its jus that, when I am writin, words jus flow and I dont bother if I type 'I' or 'i'... But I do try!!!! I sometimes forget to put 'I' and I dont think that makes a big deal in an informal writin as this blog is...

no offense meant... jus to clarify...


music for me, is lik anasthaesia, best medicine... I plug in my ear phones and that is it, I no longer care about anythin happenin arnd me.. Its not at all lik how they show in movies, lik ppl do stupid crazy things, no...Its a blissful existence, a time where I feel compeltely relaxed..
who cares if the Bitchy lecturer in class gives more marks to guys dan gals...
who cares wat gals are gossiping.. etc etc...
the time i go to coll and come bak, basically travellin by bus, generally stressful, but when listenin to songs, its makes a perfect start for the day...
even if I hav exam that day I make it a point to listen to music, dat way I relax and concentrate more...(exam ku atleast 2 hrs munnadiyaavathu padikanamla.. Lol...)


I hate waitin for results, and NO I am NOT talkin bout exam results... Wat I mean to say is I kno I hav applied for somethin or tried to get somethin, but dunno if I ll get it or not, and in that case, obviously I hate waitin...
basically cuz I dunno wat I shud do, try for other options?or wait... keepin on waitin is also not a brilliant idea... many times der is no point in waiting...
in this regard the song In the end by linkin park makes max sense...i really lik dat song a lot....talks about lot of stuff dat v wud hav experienced in life and hence it makes a lot of sense...

oh btw...

btw the worshtu in the beginning of prev post was borrowed from vishvak!!!

PS:: btw means by the way... dont raise an eyebrow, der r ppl who dont know this.....


worshtu tragedy ever.... I mean, I am damn lucky at times, but today mornin was.... TRAGEDY!! Reached early mornin around five..damn cold it was, and raining heavily also... Due to fate and lot other things, was stuck in the rain for two hours... finally reached home at eight only, cha...after comin, obviously mom was alredy sick wid worry, thank god for cell, they knew exactly wher I was.. so mom was ready with hot coffee and a yummy tasty steaming hot breakfast.. Wow...Bliss... And in the noon sis made chocolate coffee...damn tasty... hmmm day is turning out fine after all :-)

The big deal about comin home from hostel is the vareity, of food, ofcourse!!! appa and amma both shop for only those vegetables that i lik and so one...extra special attention... Lol... and its so damn nice to be bak here... as usual... as always...

Saturday, October 31, 2009

V for vendetta

this other movie...placed in d future... the initial speech dat the character V makes.. oh my god.. took me some time to understand d significane of each word.. entire conversation composed of majority of words startin wid d letter V... classic movie which i enjoyed a lot... gives the sense of freedom by the end of the movie.. as tho yu hav accomplished soemthin

step up

i saw dis movie called step-up..samma it was.. chance illa... d final dance was awesome... superb.. samma beat.. enjoyed it a lot...guess i ll be re-playing this a number of times...


In my hostel der r a coupla cats which v used to feed rite from d time dey were teeny weeny kittens.. i used to give them my daily share of a glass of milk, sometimes even my horlicks cuz they seemed to lik horlicks more dan d milk.. Lol... as nd when possi i also gave them biscuits and other food stuffs... one early mornin i guess d poor thing was extremely hungry, it was crying out lik anythin, so i went to my room to get some biscuits..when i came outside, wat i saw made me stand der speechless for a few seconds..

d kitty had a live bird in its mouth!! a whole bird wid d feathers and all dat..soemthin i neva expected..dat little thing which i few totally veg food was after all naturally non veg.. its der in tis gene to hunt food and eat them..but that sight, of that poor innocent bird trapped in the mouth of that kitten was so totally disgusting, early in d mornin... can neva forget wat dat felt lik... dunno i felt pity for all d innocent lives in dis world.. and i realised dats wat happens to all of us at one point of time or d other...


How much meanin der is in even d smallest thing v do or some1 does for us.. recently i hav bin feelin dull and upset bout some stuff... nd without realisin it i started makin gifts and greetings cards for my sisters nd my closest frnds.. I started givin ppl small small surprises dat dey neva expected.. God!! How good that feels..the look on their face when they realise that yu hav not forgotten after all.. when they realise what they mean to yu...the happiness i got when i made otehrs happy, thats when i realised such vital things in life, some things i never realised till now...

Monday, October 19, 2009


its lik once yu wish somethin ll happen, only when it happens maybe that was not wat yu really wanted, so yu wish for somethin else, but this time its d rite thing but yu r too busy to enjoi it.. i 've seen this happenin to so many ppl... dont enjoi wat they hav then feel dat they lost it... wats d point.. wy worry bout future and waste the present.. hav heard so many ppl say dis.. very few actually follow it.. every1 woll be afraid of future but that doesnt mean yu shud not enjoi present na.. hmmm


Nice festival, the proper time of the year when kids have so much fun, and perfect time to taste the different sweets and savouries. Mom and I, we try to experiment as much as we can durin the week before the festival, and fortunately come up with tasty palaptable yet new sweets.. its the time where i jus love to stand in the terrace and look around me and smile.. deepawali in chennai, especially in nite is awesome.. jus standin in the terrace i dunno which direction to turn to, every side there will be such fireworks and awesoem colors which i love to stand and watch.! well, who doesnt..

this time i had an oppurtunity to contemplate on how much i've changed over d yrs.. i remembr during school time i used to spend the whole afternoon times wid my sisters and frnds, bursting crackers continuously till v r tired.. then we went home, and ate and slept and refreshed for burstin fireworks in the terrace in the evenin.. that starts around 6 30 and goes on till 9 or 10 in the nite.. the week before deepwalai is filled wit ideas as to wat to make, and lots of shoppin obviously, mom ll give detailed instructions on d various ingredients for muruku and otehr sweets and savouries.. we discuss wid dad as to what crackers we shud get this time.. making sweets wid mom is interesting and fun..she is very encouragin and gives me a lot of freedom to cook what i like..

this year, so many things have changed.. for one, all my old frnds hav grown up and r workin in different places, hence not much of meetin up and chattin and plannin.. neverthless i enjoyed a lot, but much different than the usual way the past times..

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

turning away

I saw a movie called Yeh Mera India.. good one, really.. It showed the rich and poor as they were. I was obviously shaken by the movie... and i liked it a lot..

kinda made me feel good... showed dat we all hav hope by d end of the day... just wait... and have faith...

generally something

spendin about ten days at home.. it has been bout six days since i came.. helped mom in cleanin the house, decorated the house too... i 've made a golden tree to be kept in the golu.. every1 sed it was nice, so made three more lik dat.. hmmm been a long time since i ve bin home properly for navarathri.. this si nice.. went to a couple of my friend's house.. that was nice too, and did vegetable shopping for mom.. thankfully i had my best frnd for company..

Monday, August 10, 2009

recent irritation

Hmmm been sometime since I wrote something, did not feel like writing till now... past some days have been kinda irritating.. The weather here is so dry and hot.. jus walkin a few minutes in the hot sun is enough to take all the energy from you...And there is power cut every afternoon from 2 till ,which is another cause for irritation... Sweats so much during this period that any idea of relaxing or refreshment is lost foreva...

Goin thro so much difficulty, and havin probs travellin by crowded bus on hot days, the next big headache is the lack of nutritious food in the hostel mess. That is when you realise that yu have forgotten to buy snacks...too lazy to go out now, yu message other friends in the hope that they are still out.. and when the message gets delivered,yu hear a yell from the adjacent room indicating that they are in the same boat as yu...splendid.. No choice but to eat what is given in the mess...

I hav discovered that livin is this place is lik so dull that it kills any kind of imagination and creativity that a person may hav.. i've seen it in some cases..the brain jus ceases to function after spendin a considerabl time in such conditions.. Soemtime, we want nothin more than to jus go home and hav mom's curd rice.. nothin fancy.. jus the simple home-made food is what our body actually needs.. all allergies, headaches and irritation vanishes lik magic...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ice Cream

I wont be justified if I do not write something on ice cream since obviously its one of my favorites. I have so many moments at ice cream parlours. During our twelfth standard holidays, we used to go to coaching class for AIEEE, me and my best friend. Every day during break or after class we used to go Ram's Milky World in T.Nagar and sample their fantastic ice-creams. There were so many flavours, so many combinations to try out. We used to sit there for so long, flavouring the ice cream slowly and talkin so much. Every day we tried out different flavours and it was so much fun. Those are such bright moments we cherish in our hearts. Esspecially since we passed out of college and joined different colleges and me being out of town. Hmmm... :-)

I remember my personal favorite was this ice cream called Tall Beauty. It was given in a long glass filled with different fruits and jelly and different flavoured ice-cream. IT was really good. Another all-time favourite was the dry fruits sundae. I also like ice-creams in Boomerang. I have had the Black-forest delight there and it was splendid!

Fully covered

I went to a muslim wedding today. Oh my god! those women were loaded with jewellery. As much weight as they could take. Even kids and children were decorated woth so much jewellery. on top of that, the women wear their burkas and everything from top to bottom is covered. So what is the point of wearing lovely sarees or beautiful jewellery beneath? Anyways no one is gonna see them and admire their beauty!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Defining music

When we listen to music, what do we feel, how does it affect us? There can be so many descriptions on this. Listen to a melodious piece and you can feel a calm spread through you. Listen to a fast song and immediately your fingers start tapping and legs move to the beat of the song. We are instantly affected by the music we listen to and the genre depends on our mood. When alone, it is good to listen to slow, soft music which will soothe us. At the same time, some songs are so sad that they bring tears to our eyes by their simple, heart-tugging music and lyrics.

How can we say which songs will become a hit and which will not be so good? Different people like different types of songs, yet we do form similar favourite groups of songs. Some songs are such that even if its according to our mood, it still makes us get along with the music. Its an abstract world where we can explore so much. Just close your eyes and listen to the music and go along with it. That is what I like to do when I am alone, just listen to songs and smile in content :-)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Class today was the usual, nothing special. Thankfully I could come back to hostel by noon, in the hot sun. Actually had plain rice for lunch! god! this was the first time, but I did have some tasty pickles to go with it. There is no power in my hostel for so long, dont know what to do. Its raining so nicely here and its cool.


I just looked out of the window and saw one of the most breath-taking scene I had ever seen. The sky was filled with blue-grey clouds, bright yellow light filtering through them, the trees around were auch a bright shade of green. Everything looked fresh and new and just out of a story book. The lovely cool breeze, the smell it brought along with it, the freshness, all of it was such a great experience. If we had the power to freeze such lovely moments and erase the bad ones, it would be nice.

Monday, June 29, 2009


When we go to college after holidays we meet our friends after a long time and the first greeting is a bright smile. From the smile of a person, you can get so much about the person and what he/she is thinking about us. Some people have such a false smile which shows obviously that they are not true. The best smile I have seen so far is that of a child. I should actually call it a laugh. The most innocent way of expression of a child is its lovely smile. The eyes shine, cheeks become pink and it looks so cute. They cheer up even a person who is extremely upset. Infact at times of deep sorrow, a friendly even from an unknown person is a great relief. We do not require eloquent words of encouragement, a simple and true smile is such a booster and ofcourse it beautifies the face.


The most patient creatures in this world are mothers. I have no idea how they manage to do all the work, take care of everyone, deal with a dozen wrong calls, stupid salesmen and still remain so cheerful. She listens to my every single word with so much attention and what I like best is that till date I have never regreted following her advice even in one case. Her suggestion is so well balanced and perfect. She wears herself out for her children and husband. She does not give importance to her likes and needs as she does to ours. She is truly great person, and when I see how completely selfless she is, I realise I have nothing to complain about. She is the perfect role model for every person. In most families the mother is the most patient person who is so well adjusted with everyone around her.


God! I am so happy I have so many free hours this semester. The subjects are good and I am actually listening and taking notes. But some professors can be so irritating, repeating the same stuff again and again. And then there are some who simply do so much over-action. The people of my class are fine, its a nice bunch of people. Over all I like the way things are going now, though I dunno how things will turn out later.


I was watching an episode of House where he talks with Wilson about social contract of relationships. When we talk with friends and share our fears, the first reaction will be "Dont worry re, everything will work out fine". What is the point of simply saying everything will be fine, to just increase the confidence? And when unfortunately the thing does not work out well, again the response will be " Dont worry, you will do better next time". How the hell does that person know what the outcome will be? I mean, you can support your friends, encourage them, but wont it be better to prepare them for what they have to face? A good friend should listen to the problem, try to suggest solutions and ask how confident that person is and if the prospect seems bleak, a friend should help you to realise that failure is not the end of everything.

Sometimes, you know yourself that things are not going to work out well, but a kind word from someone does boost up the confidence level and prepares you for hardships ahead. But the point is we are not always going to have someone or the other to support us, so better to fend for ourselves na. There are some people who listen so much, so patiently and come up with the most brilliant and innovative suggestions. Such people are a pleasure to talk with and to share things with.

The biggest support for a person is his/her family and closest friends. In every step of our life, in every decision, our parents trust and us and give us the freedom to do what we want to do. Right from the course to the university. They would not have had such facilities at their times and now they want to provide us with the best. They help us to bear with the failures. There is nothing that feels better than mother's hug, father's pat, sister's jokes and a good friend's shoulder at a time when we are upset.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


This is some disease! Caused by a small virus that we cannot even see. And it terrorises the whole body, making us sneeze a million times every day, a continously running nose, a terrible headache, feels uncomfortable the whole day. For three or four days makes us so miserable! I wish i could just sleep off the cold! this may probably be one of the oldest diseases ever and I am sure even our ancestors may have suffered from it, but till date there is no definitive cure for it. Every person has to suffer for a week till it goes off on its own. Throat at its worst ever, sounds like a frog croaking. Cannot even look at the monitor or cell phone for more than a few seconds without eyes watering. We do so much research on so many diseases and otehr stuff, and yet unable to find a cure for a simple cold, otherwise knows as the Common Cold, probably the only disease that millions of us get a number of times in our lifetime. I guess it should be in the guiness world book of records for being the disease infecting the most number of people in this world, the most number of times!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Something random

Tall green grass, lofty trees, cool breeze, laughing kids, smiling parents--A picnic spot

Bright colours, changing emotions, creative tunes, sharp memories, a smile, a sigh, reaching out--Good music

A touch, a kiss, a gurgle, big eyes, curious hands, toothless mouth, pink cheeks, soft--New born baby

Luscious, juicy, sweet, satisfying--Mango

Getting up late, relaxed, exploring, something unusual, pleased, some place new--A holiday

School vs College

People who have been in the same school right from kinder-garden will agree that it has shaped them in a certain way. I am not saying anything against people who change schools, but what I am saying is that, growing up in the same school, under the same principles, nourishes you in uniform way. For instance, changing from a state board school to CBSE board etc make it difficult or easier for the students to cope up with the new syllabus. The teaching manner, the language used maybe different and of course the approach of teachers and fellow students. So we grow up in the same school, under familiar environment, with no change and then, what happens when we go to college? Out of the protective shelter, this is the real test to see if you can still uphold the teachings of school, if you can still be, in some way, unaltered. Of course everyone change in college, for the better or for worse. We learn and we become somebody in school, and we mature and form a lasting character in college. That is what I think. When we go out of school to college, the first few months there is not much change, but as we face the various problems, we realise and we mature and we finally become who we actually are. That is why, not only school teachers, but college lecturers also play a part in our growth.


I was talking with my old school teachers and tuition sir, and one common thing they said was "your batch was much better than those we have to face now". I feel this is absolutely true. I also see so many juniors, they have absolutely no discipline and no respect for others. No human is perfect, but we know our limits and go by it and of course, we think twice before hurting other's feelings. The attitude I have seen with youngsters is that, as long as their academic performance is good, their parents should not question the other things they do. Infact, a first year of my hostel went to see a movie the day just before her first semester exam stating that she had already finished studying everything, and her parents did not object. now if it had been one of us doing the same thing, I cannot imagine what the reaction of our parents would be. I am not saying what she did was wrong, she can do what she wants in her life, but everything has its limits.

Just because a person scores good marks, he/she cannot get away with what ever they do. They have to respect their seniors, they have to be obedient and sincere and should atleast listen to what others say. These are the basic courtesies we practise everyday. Until recently I never thought I would come across such a character who was so adverse to everything I beleived in. I mean, people are different, but when it comes to respecting elders, adn other issues, most of us are same, because we have the same tradition and we were taught right from childhood to not cross certain limits. In this aspects and in many more, the way our juniors are going does not seem good, and the worst part is the parents can do nothing about it. Youngsters rule the household, dictate their parents and have absolute disregard for other's feelings. Probably I should not generalise this, because, not everyone will be as said above, but that is what I have seen so far.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


This would probably be the most talked upon topic, we have so many forwarded e-mails, messages and what not, teasing and commenting about house-wives addicted to serials. But the situation never changes. Recently, my mother was travelling by train where she met this female, who was proudly announcing that she watches 25 different serials regularly, hence she never travels during weekdays, she travels only during weekends. What a life! Apparently, her cable suppliers give her some special offer beacause she is an esteemed customer!! It sounds so stupid, I mean serials can be entertaining to a certain extent. I liked the serial about school life in Vijay TV, though I did not follow it properly, I would just see a few episodes now and then. Instead, some people have made serials as their life. Living every moment and seeing the same emotional shit again and again. Do they never ever get bored? Serials like that Kolam on Sun TV, again and again one female tries to open her own office and some guy opposes her, and the whole family sit and cry blah blah blah. God! I really hate that one. Everytime my mother sees that serial. the only stuff I can hear, even from the other room, is some female crying about soem problem in the house. How many times can anyone bear to just see them cry? Its plain crazy!

I like English serials like House and Friends. House for instance, its cool really, I like the way they speak, the professional atmosphere, the diseases and the treatments and how House plays around with his sub-ordinates and the patients, how he can piece together the puzzle, how he plays tricks on Wilson, how he teases Cuddy, its all so interesting to watch, and when i talk with some one who I do not like much, seeing House has helped me to give a few smart retorts. Friends on the other hand, is just plain entertainment. I really like the relationships between the six of them, the friendship, the silly stuff they do, it lightens the mood, a lovely round of laughter when seeing an episode of friends. Just the kind of serial we can watch with a bunch of friends, huddle around the laptop. Any kind of movie or serial or anything should be only as a momentary entertainment, maybe during holidays, after a week of exams, after a tiring day at college, just some forty five minutes or so, of repreive, just to relax. That is what I think it should be.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Talking about being idle, doing nothing, having all the time in the work. Chalk out a schedule, make a list of what all you want to do, and decide the priority of each. And the time of the day each activity is better carried out eg. walking is better early mornin and late evenings, and music can be combined with this. And reading novles is best in the noons and so on. Any creative idea can be worked upon then and there, abandon everything you are doing and sit down to satisfy the whim of your heart.

Are you satisfied with life living it this way? Doing just what you like, and not bothered about others? Then this is your happy life, enjoy it because no one knows how long it will last. I know that my world of bliss will be till June 23rd when I have to go back. But this time I guess one has to be determined not to ruin their aura or mood for any reason. A person should try to be happy what ever it is he/she has to do to keep life going normally.

Long Absence

It has been long since i sat down to right something. My training got over and i came back home. Extremely stressed out after a week's travel to and fro, about seven hours of travel every day. In that crowded bus, with not even a decent seat, to be standing the whole time. Well am glad its over and i got the certificate. I was thinking about leisure during that hectice schedule. We never appreciate the extra, free time that we have. When we have excess time, we just sleep and waste it seeing the same movies again and again, and ofcourse a major part is spent doing nothing. Some of us spend time with our friends and family, that is time well-spent for sure. Instead, I was wondering how nice it would be to do something useful for sometime every day. So today i got up early morning and started to help my mother around the house. I went to the market and got vegetables and made potato fry and had sandwich for breakfast. The helped dad with some stuff he needed. Then went out again to buy some stuff mother needed. God! the heat in Chennai is unbearable, I can compare this to that one week in Coimbatore where i enjoyed such cool breezes every day, even in the afternoon.

I learnt a lot during that one week's trainig and not just subject oriented. It was good experience, and i met different kinds of people. In an actual proffessional environment, everything is so difficult. Especially, in an hospital, there will be night shifts and even sundays maybe working days. One cannot stick to the strict schedule of coming at nine in the morning and leaving at sharp five. One should be willing to do late night shifts without expecting extra pay or any kind of compensation. Suddenly a colleague maybe absent due to unknown reason and we may need to cover up for him/her. There are so many unavoidable situations where we will be forced to work so hard, and without a choice. And the pay is not that high either. Another point about working in the hospital is the potential risk of infection. Especially while handling blood samples, a small spill can cause so many unknown infections and one has to be very careful working under such conditions. There should be perfect concentration in the work because the test results predict the presence or absence of a disease in the patient and hence there should be no mistake made. Here, even the smallest of small things matter so much. It was real good experience, it gave me a new sense of what is waiting for me in future.

Ofcourse no one knows aboutt he future, but one has a pretty good idea about it right. When we plan something, we also need to work accordingly for it. If we do not give the input our dream needs, then the ouput will not be what we want. This is simple logic that we all know, but how many accept it and go along with it. I see lethargy in so many people, of course I am lazy too. But i do nto like unfair competition. A fact I never understood was why do people always say that they have not studied before an examination while evryone knows that obviously all students study, atleast sometime before the exam!! No one seems ot be true and frank these days. And there is no point in one person trying to be honest, it is only going to be mis-interpreted and commented on by others. So would you rather go with the crowd and end up being monotonous and boring or would you try to be different and be commented on?!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Second day

Started badly, me sleeping very late last night and hence getting up late and started late and was fifteen minutes late at hospital, but it was not a big deal after all because the other trainees came after me! today was relatively fast and boring. I learnt some new things and saw the definitive test for HIV and Hepatitis A, B and C and the ANA test for auto-immune diseases. It is relatively easy, fast and very reliable. Tomorrow promises to be more interesting, but longer. Today I got free in half a day, thus reaching home early. The bus journey to and fro coimbatore is very frustrating and tiring, but i can get thro it well enough.

Monday, June 1, 2009


How true is the proverb "idle brain is devil's workshop". It takes a lot of effort for a lazy person to summon up self control and try to do some constructive work during free time. Already laziness is an inherent quality. On top of that sleepy because of getting up early in the morning and bored because i have to just sit and watch while others do their cultures and streaking. It is interesting to be in such a lab but i have to know what exactly is going on right!? After all, I am here to learn something new.

Let me start at the beginning. I am in PSG Hospital in Coimbatore for a week's training in Clinical MicroBiology. The campus of PSG is very beautiful and the weather is pleasant. There are so many trees in the campus and there are lots of flower bushes making the place so colourful and pleasing to look at. One thing that dis-appointed me so far are the buildings i saw. In my college, the buildings are so modern and beautiful to look it. Here the buildings are old and plain grey or red with no fancy structures. Only two buildings are built in the modern style. But the canteen is large and airy, a huge improvement from the one back in my college. The biggest plus point is the lovely weather and the frequent breezes.

On entering, the hospital and emergency ward is to the right and the college buildings are to the left. I went to the principal's office first and found out the agenda for the day and left in search of the doctor who was to guide me. I finally found her and got my instructions. After the morning session, I was given two hours of lunch break and had no idea what to do since I finished off my lunch within a few minutes. Now i started thinking of all kinds of stuff to do to distract myself and be occupied for the rest of the remaining time. That is how i started writing this post in the notebook i had brought along with me. I am sitting beneath the trees and savouring the cool breeze and have my music player playing some select favourites which created a soothing aura around me.

It has been so long since i actually sat and write out something instead of simply typing it out on my laptop, but now, i do not have that luxury and i have to ward off the rest of the time, so I am
writing slowly. Usually what i write so much are ofcourse my exam papers. Lol!! Feel so proud i can fill up so many pages with legible, sensible stuff. Ofcourse the background music is great, the playlist I have created for myself is really good, about 155 songs, ofcourse hindi, english and tamil, songs of all genre, old and new. A nice mix potraying different feelings and emotions.

I want to record an incident which happened in lab today. The technician was working on a black granite table on which some sample and stuff had spilled accidently. She had warned me from the first to keep my belongings in a different room on a clean table. A fly was hovering around, hopping about, sitting on the sample containers and was flying around when it suddenly it fell down on the table and it could not get up again. I watched it struggling twisting its little body and trying in vain to fly. I wonder if it was paralysed or wat. Ultimately, as yu might have guessed, it died within a span of just few minutes.Just imagine how contaminated that table must have been for an almost instantaneous death. that is when i decided I am never going to touch that table again. Lol!!

Friday, May 29, 2009


Its not often I sit down to think about my past, but when i meet an old relative or an old friend, it gets me thinking. We are so close to some people for a period of time and then somehow communication ceases over the years. If it is a relative, an uncle or someone, we will be so close as kids, but as we grow up, a chasm develops. Maybe we behaved in a way they did not like. Sometimes, we try to get back what we had with them, but we cannot get that back. When relatives become old, we seem them failing, they cannot hear or see properly, they have difficulty in breathing and they are always talking philosophical things. It is very depressing when it is a person who is emotionally very close and we cannot just see that happening. We wish we could do something to change it. Wish we could give them some happiness, some satisfaction and try to search for things we can do. We go out of our way trying to please them, and do not expect anything in return, we do not mind the effort taken.

As for old friends, we can always get back to the closeness where we left it, basically because we are of the same age group and we are very flexible. But of course i cannot generalise it like that. Some people change so much that old friends cannot get back together, they cannot talk or be like before. They cannot help it actually, its soemthing which happens unconsciously, dont know if it is for good or not. The beauty of being in touch with old friends are the various memories that come up at those times. We are so easily open and frank in front of old friends. This cannot be said for office colleagues and aquaintances. We try to always project ourselves as we want others to see us. As a successful manager, as a efficient organiser and hardworking and sincere. But with our friends, we are what we are. We need not project ourselves differently. We can say and do what we really want to.

When with realtives, we talk so much and we sometimes argue or have deep discussions. Each conversation and action affects our relations in a different way. Some people are bothered about every conversation while it does not matter in some relations. Once you develop a strong feeling for a friend or cousin or relative, it take a long time for that impression to wear off. But, with a person we have just met, we are climbing up or down the ladder of closeness with every meeting, with every word. Its amazing how actions can be interpreted in different ways. What can be an act of love to one person may seem like jealousy or possessiveness to someone. What can be a natural habit maybe rudeness or may seem obnoxious. There is nothing can be taken as a general basis in relations. We know the people around us and we act accordingly.

Sometimes, we are told not to do something that we badly want to do and we know that doing that is not going to affect anyone. Then we may use all our persuasiveness and try to convince others so that we may do what we want. Thought this is harmless in its own way, some people get so offended when they are being negated, even in small issues. It is so complex and profound, all the different feelings and emotions and relations between people and how they act because of all the ties.

I do not even want to think of a situation when we lose someone who we loved a lot. But we know that it is inevitable, we do not know when it will happen and how. But all we can hope that it is not in the near future and that when it happens, it is peaceful rather than violent.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Thank god my exams got over yesterday, and today I have come to my cousin's place for a week. Today's journey was crazy, I got up early morning but did not get bus for almost three hours, then finally managed to get seat in an extremely crowded bus and had an uncomfortable bus journey. To top it all, horrible hot weather! I had to change three to four buses in between and go in search of proper buses and all that. Totally hungry, tired, worn-out and carrying heavy luggage. Finally came home and took a refreshing bath and had food. Looking forward to a month of freedom, just what i want. :-)

Monday, May 25, 2009


When a person has all the time in the world, it is interesting to see how thoughts travel. What i mean here is, the slightest breeze or flutter or an ant can trigger of a train of thoughts that go aimlessly and bring up different un-related memories and finally we are far away from where we started. In fact most of the times the initial thought that started it all is forgotten. Its a different kind of freedom, roaming over different continents of thoughts, happy, sad, angry, everything is there. To think in peace, without interruption, that is one of the few price-less gifts that on can get. Thinking abstract, unfathomable things brings out the depth of our thoughts. With just the mind, one can try to understand problems, try to put oneself in other person's shoes and imagine situations and what all kind of reactions there may be. It is fascinating how imagination works, it is quite vivid. The more abstract the thinking goes, the more interesting it is. To try and grasp a whiff of thought just out of reach, to try and understand something that has been evading for so long, to try and make sense of everything going around one-self.

Strange World...


Its that time of the year when our seniors leave college and a fresh group of first years come. I feel bad when our seniors leave us, feel sad that they wont be here for all our fun-filled games, that they wont be here for some well-deserved advice. Hmmm I did not think I will feel so strongly about this. It is really very emotional to see them packing, trying to tell good-bye. When the time to depart comes, we never really bother what problems we had before. We are all one. I have seen this on more than one occasion that people who were bitter enemies through-out school will actually hug and cry at the end of school. It is only natural to think that time that all our mistake are forgotten. I personally remember only the good times i have had with people. I try not to remember people by their wrong doings. Memories are such sweet things that we always wish we go back to a certain part of our lives to re-live, to re-experience avery bit of that. Hmmm I have heard such wishes from every one of my friends. But of course, we will never get those times back and we have only memories to think back, to sigh and say "I wish..."

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Ok something sayu said after reading my previous blag made me write this. I thought, why not write in proper english, with proper punctuation, without using the short forms we generally use while messaging. It is not difficult, but just used to the way we message. What is it about short forms that irritates people? I guess one kind of argument will be that a formal language should not be abused, should be be the way it actually is, any kind of short form will be considered wrong. That way i remember being extremely irritated when Tamilians get the stupid foreign accent into their normal speech, so i can understand this argument. But what i actually feel is, language is for communication, so all one should bother about is getting the message across. Whether i say 'h r u?' or 'How are you?' it means the same right.

Technical communication, on the other hand, is important and one should never make the mistake of using short forms there. So, as the saying goes, practise makes perfect, hence i am going to write in full english here after, because i do not want to end up using short forms by mistake in a place where it should not be!

When I am still writing about English, I thought I would bring this up. Right from school time, I have been sort of making up long, winding sentences which will be a bit difficult to understand. Even when i frame a sentence, i find it easier to make one, long sentence rather than few short ones. I guess some people will find this irritating because one has to read it more than once to understand. I would have made such long sentences in many places. The reasoning comes easily in my mind, but when it is actually out, sometimes I myself have found it difficut to understand.

There are so many things I want to change about my English, after all, change is the only permanent thing in this world.



hostel hmmm.. always wanted to experience how this wud be... and now dat i have actually been in a hostel for the past three years and have two more years... gotta say its great!! we gals have so much fun, going out, celebrating birthdays together.. sharing meals.. its actually very nice.. My typical day goes like this: gettin up early in morning, trying to wake up the rest of my friends (and failing miserably!!)..and ofcourse gettin ready for coll, most days breakfast is skipped... then endure a few hours of monotonous classes with some comedy in between.. lunch hour is fine though.. at the liberty to do whateva i want.. soemtimes i go to friend's department and hav lunch with them.. most of the gals in my hostel are from different branches, so most of our lunches are not together... after coll, back to hostel.. the rest of the time goes jus chattin bout what happened dat day or seeing any movie.. the meal times in hostel is a trial to patience.. eating the same bland food again and again.. neva changes.. same rice, same aloo, same thick crusted chappathis... over three years soemhow i have mastered swallowin a minute amount of that despicable mess food....maybe this is called immunity!!!

hmmm....of all the times we gals have gone out, i remembr the trip to yercaud.. it was lovely.. we spent a coupla days, cycling and sightseeing.. and i came to understand few people better during that trip.. a surprising fact bout yercaud is dat it has no ATM at all... i was so surprised.. its a hill station and m sure many people visit every year, but no atm.. hmmm i guess it has not developed much yet...

a convenience is the new electric cooker dat v gals have got recently... its a blessing from heaven,...we gals have the freedom to cook whateva we want, wheneva we want.. some of the delicious stuff v hav succesfully cooked include fried rice, noodles(ofcourse), and a lot of different kinda vegetable curries..its interestin how well we cook.. we even modify the food we get in our hostel mess to make it edible by humans.. yeah! dat works.. amazin just how much difference a little bit of salt can do to the taste of food.... Lol...

another thing bout hostel life is d celebrations v have together.. may it b birthday or new year or deepawali or farewell to our seniors.. we spend so much time in planning.. and our warden allows us to cook in the mess kitchen for dat one day, so v can up with delicacies dat are usually not possibl.. such events are so memorable dat m gonna miss them very much... every year, we also have women's day celebrations along with our hostel day... that is when we express our talents... Lol... good food, lots of music, stupid jokes.. and lots and lots of fun... man.. hostel life rocks!!!

writing this blog made me remembr so many funny incidents and accidents that happened.. there are times when i tried to teach tamil to some of my north-indian friends... lol!! its hilarious watchin dem tryin to remembr wat word to use when.. hahaha... that is a real treat... hmmm guess i gotta go now.. more later..


Friday, May 22, 2009

jus startin

hmmm.. i started dis blog cuz a frnd has bin insistin for so long dat i shud rite out all the crap i say!! guess i talk too much... most f d ppl arnd me dont mind dat.. soem actually enjoi me talkin.. eg sayu ( my close frnd frm school) she gets pissed off if m silent.. she feels if i shut up den its unnatural.. ya i guess dats true...


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