Friday, May 29, 2009


Its not often I sit down to think about my past, but when i meet an old relative or an old friend, it gets me thinking. We are so close to some people for a period of time and then somehow communication ceases over the years. If it is a relative, an uncle or someone, we will be so close as kids, but as we grow up, a chasm develops. Maybe we behaved in a way they did not like. Sometimes, we try to get back what we had with them, but we cannot get that back. When relatives become old, we seem them failing, they cannot hear or see properly, they have difficulty in breathing and they are always talking philosophical things. It is very depressing when it is a person who is emotionally very close and we cannot just see that happening. We wish we could do something to change it. Wish we could give them some happiness, some satisfaction and try to search for things we can do. We go out of our way trying to please them, and do not expect anything in return, we do not mind the effort taken.

As for old friends, we can always get back to the closeness where we left it, basically because we are of the same age group and we are very flexible. But of course i cannot generalise it like that. Some people change so much that old friends cannot get back together, they cannot talk or be like before. They cannot help it actually, its soemthing which happens unconsciously, dont know if it is for good or not. The beauty of being in touch with old friends are the various memories that come up at those times. We are so easily open and frank in front of old friends. This cannot be said for office colleagues and aquaintances. We try to always project ourselves as we want others to see us. As a successful manager, as a efficient organiser and hardworking and sincere. But with our friends, we are what we are. We need not project ourselves differently. We can say and do what we really want to.

When with realtives, we talk so much and we sometimes argue or have deep discussions. Each conversation and action affects our relations in a different way. Some people are bothered about every conversation while it does not matter in some relations. Once you develop a strong feeling for a friend or cousin or relative, it take a long time for that impression to wear off. But, with a person we have just met, we are climbing up or down the ladder of closeness with every meeting, with every word. Its amazing how actions can be interpreted in different ways. What can be an act of love to one person may seem like jealousy or possessiveness to someone. What can be a natural habit maybe rudeness or may seem obnoxious. There is nothing can be taken as a general basis in relations. We know the people around us and we act accordingly.

Sometimes, we are told not to do something that we badly want to do and we know that doing that is not going to affect anyone. Then we may use all our persuasiveness and try to convince others so that we may do what we want. Thought this is harmless in its own way, some people get so offended when they are being negated, even in small issues. It is so complex and profound, all the different feelings and emotions and relations between people and how they act because of all the ties.

I do not even want to think of a situation when we lose someone who we loved a lot. But we know that it is inevitable, we do not know when it will happen and how. But all we can hope that it is not in the near future and that when it happens, it is peaceful rather than violent.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Thank god my exams got over yesterday, and today I have come to my cousin's place for a week. Today's journey was crazy, I got up early morning but did not get bus for almost three hours, then finally managed to get seat in an extremely crowded bus and had an uncomfortable bus journey. To top it all, horrible hot weather! I had to change three to four buses in between and go in search of proper buses and all that. Totally hungry, tired, worn-out and carrying heavy luggage. Finally came home and took a refreshing bath and had food. Looking forward to a month of freedom, just what i want. :-)

Monday, May 25, 2009


When a person has all the time in the world, it is interesting to see how thoughts travel. What i mean here is, the slightest breeze or flutter or an ant can trigger of a train of thoughts that go aimlessly and bring up different un-related memories and finally we are far away from where we started. In fact most of the times the initial thought that started it all is forgotten. Its a different kind of freedom, roaming over different continents of thoughts, happy, sad, angry, everything is there. To think in peace, without interruption, that is one of the few price-less gifts that on can get. Thinking abstract, unfathomable things brings out the depth of our thoughts. With just the mind, one can try to understand problems, try to put oneself in other person's shoes and imagine situations and what all kind of reactions there may be. It is fascinating how imagination works, it is quite vivid. The more abstract the thinking goes, the more interesting it is. To try and grasp a whiff of thought just out of reach, to try and understand something that has been evading for so long, to try and make sense of everything going around one-self.

Strange World...


Its that time of the year when our seniors leave college and a fresh group of first years come. I feel bad when our seniors leave us, feel sad that they wont be here for all our fun-filled games, that they wont be here for some well-deserved advice. Hmmm I did not think I will feel so strongly about this. It is really very emotional to see them packing, trying to tell good-bye. When the time to depart comes, we never really bother what problems we had before. We are all one. I have seen this on more than one occasion that people who were bitter enemies through-out school will actually hug and cry at the end of school. It is only natural to think that time that all our mistake are forgotten. I personally remember only the good times i have had with people. I try not to remember people by their wrong doings. Memories are such sweet things that we always wish we go back to a certain part of our lives to re-live, to re-experience avery bit of that. Hmmm I have heard such wishes from every one of my friends. But of course, we will never get those times back and we have only memories to think back, to sigh and say "I wish..."

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Ok something sayu said after reading my previous blag made me write this. I thought, why not write in proper english, with proper punctuation, without using the short forms we generally use while messaging. It is not difficult, but just used to the way we message. What is it about short forms that irritates people? I guess one kind of argument will be that a formal language should not be abused, should be be the way it actually is, any kind of short form will be considered wrong. That way i remember being extremely irritated when Tamilians get the stupid foreign accent into their normal speech, so i can understand this argument. But what i actually feel is, language is for communication, so all one should bother about is getting the message across. Whether i say 'h r u?' or 'How are you?' it means the same right.

Technical communication, on the other hand, is important and one should never make the mistake of using short forms there. So, as the saying goes, practise makes perfect, hence i am going to write in full english here after, because i do not want to end up using short forms by mistake in a place where it should not be!

When I am still writing about English, I thought I would bring this up. Right from school time, I have been sort of making up long, winding sentences which will be a bit difficult to understand. Even when i frame a sentence, i find it easier to make one, long sentence rather than few short ones. I guess some people will find this irritating because one has to read it more than once to understand. I would have made such long sentences in many places. The reasoning comes easily in my mind, but when it is actually out, sometimes I myself have found it difficut to understand.

There are so many things I want to change about my English, after all, change is the only permanent thing in this world.



hostel hmmm.. always wanted to experience how this wud be... and now dat i have actually been in a hostel for the past three years and have two more years... gotta say its great!! we gals have so much fun, going out, celebrating birthdays together.. sharing meals.. its actually very nice.. My typical day goes like this: gettin up early in morning, trying to wake up the rest of my friends (and failing miserably!!)..and ofcourse gettin ready for coll, most days breakfast is skipped... then endure a few hours of monotonous classes with some comedy in between.. lunch hour is fine though.. at the liberty to do whateva i want.. soemtimes i go to friend's department and hav lunch with them.. most of the gals in my hostel are from different branches, so most of our lunches are not together... after coll, back to hostel.. the rest of the time goes jus chattin bout what happened dat day or seeing any movie.. the meal times in hostel is a trial to patience.. eating the same bland food again and again.. neva changes.. same rice, same aloo, same thick crusted chappathis... over three years soemhow i have mastered swallowin a minute amount of that despicable mess food....maybe this is called immunity!!!

hmmm....of all the times we gals have gone out, i remembr the trip to yercaud.. it was lovely.. we spent a coupla days, cycling and sightseeing.. and i came to understand few people better during that trip.. a surprising fact bout yercaud is dat it has no ATM at all... i was so surprised.. its a hill station and m sure many people visit every year, but no atm.. hmmm i guess it has not developed much yet...

a convenience is the new electric cooker dat v gals have got recently... its a blessing from heaven,...we gals have the freedom to cook whateva we want, wheneva we want.. some of the delicious stuff v hav succesfully cooked include fried rice, noodles(ofcourse), and a lot of different kinda vegetable curries..its interestin how well we cook.. we even modify the food we get in our hostel mess to make it edible by humans.. yeah! dat works.. amazin just how much difference a little bit of salt can do to the taste of food.... Lol...

another thing bout hostel life is d celebrations v have together.. may it b birthday or new year or deepawali or farewell to our seniors.. we spend so much time in planning.. and our warden allows us to cook in the mess kitchen for dat one day, so v can up with delicacies dat are usually not possibl.. such events are so memorable dat m gonna miss them very much... every year, we also have women's day celebrations along with our hostel day... that is when we express our talents... Lol... good food, lots of music, stupid jokes.. and lots and lots of fun... man.. hostel life rocks!!!

writing this blog made me remembr so many funny incidents and accidents that happened.. there are times when i tried to teach tamil to some of my north-indian friends... lol!! its hilarious watchin dem tryin to remembr wat word to use when.. hahaha... that is a real treat... hmmm guess i gotta go now.. more later..


Friday, May 22, 2009

jus startin

hmmm.. i started dis blog cuz a frnd has bin insistin for so long dat i shud rite out all the crap i say!! guess i talk too much... most f d ppl arnd me dont mind dat.. soem actually enjoi me talkin.. eg sayu ( my close frnd frm school) she gets pissed off if m silent.. she feels if i shut up den its unnatural.. ya i guess dats true...


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