Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ice Cream

I wont be justified if I do not write something on ice cream since obviously its one of my favorites. I have so many moments at ice cream parlours. During our twelfth standard holidays, we used to go to coaching class for AIEEE, me and my best friend. Every day during break or after class we used to go Ram's Milky World in T.Nagar and sample their fantastic ice-creams. There were so many flavours, so many combinations to try out. We used to sit there for so long, flavouring the ice cream slowly and talkin so much. Every day we tried out different flavours and it was so much fun. Those are such bright moments we cherish in our hearts. Esspecially since we passed out of college and joined different colleges and me being out of town. Hmmm... :-)

I remember my personal favorite was this ice cream called Tall Beauty. It was given in a long glass filled with different fruits and jelly and different flavoured ice-cream. IT was really good. Another all-time favourite was the dry fruits sundae. I also like ice-creams in Boomerang. I have had the Black-forest delight there and it was splendid!

Fully covered

I went to a muslim wedding today. Oh my god! those women were loaded with jewellery. As much weight as they could take. Even kids and children were decorated woth so much jewellery. on top of that, the women wear their burkas and everything from top to bottom is covered. So what is the point of wearing lovely sarees or beautiful jewellery beneath? Anyways no one is gonna see them and admire their beauty!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Defining music

When we listen to music, what do we feel, how does it affect us? There can be so many descriptions on this. Listen to a melodious piece and you can feel a calm spread through you. Listen to a fast song and immediately your fingers start tapping and legs move to the beat of the song. We are instantly affected by the music we listen to and the genre depends on our mood. When alone, it is good to listen to slow, soft music which will soothe us. At the same time, some songs are so sad that they bring tears to our eyes by their simple, heart-tugging music and lyrics.

How can we say which songs will become a hit and which will not be so good? Different people like different types of songs, yet we do form similar favourite groups of songs. Some songs are such that even if its according to our mood, it still makes us get along with the music. Its an abstract world where we can explore so much. Just close your eyes and listen to the music and go along with it. That is what I like to do when I am alone, just listen to songs and smile in content :-)

Alternative (Healthy) Baking!

This is something that I have been exploring for about 2-3 years now. Traditional baking recipes call for use of All purpose flour (Maida/R...