Wednesday, September 30, 2009

turning away

I saw a movie called Yeh Mera India.. good one, really.. It showed the rich and poor as they were. I was obviously shaken by the movie... and i liked it a lot..

kinda made me feel good... showed dat we all hav hope by d end of the day... just wait... and have faith...

generally something

spendin about ten days at home.. it has been bout six days since i came.. helped mom in cleanin the house, decorated the house too... i 've made a golden tree to be kept in the golu.. every1 sed it was nice, so made three more lik dat.. hmmm been a long time since i ve bin home properly for navarathri.. this si nice.. went to a couple of my friend's house.. that was nice too, and did vegetable shopping for mom.. thankfully i had my best frnd for company..

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