Saturday, October 31, 2009

V for vendetta

this other movie...placed in d future... the initial speech dat the character V makes.. oh my god.. took me some time to understand d significane of each word.. entire conversation composed of majority of words startin wid d letter V... classic movie which i enjoyed a lot... gives the sense of freedom by the end of the movie.. as tho yu hav accomplished soemthin

step up

i saw dis movie called step-up..samma it was.. chance illa... d final dance was awesome... superb.. samma beat.. enjoyed it a lot...guess i ll be re-playing this a number of times...


In my hostel der r a coupla cats which v used to feed rite from d time dey were teeny weeny kittens.. i used to give them my daily share of a glass of milk, sometimes even my horlicks cuz they seemed to lik horlicks more dan d milk.. Lol... as nd when possi i also gave them biscuits and other food stuffs... one early mornin i guess d poor thing was extremely hungry, it was crying out lik anythin, so i went to my room to get some biscuits..when i came outside, wat i saw made me stand der speechless for a few seconds..

d kitty had a live bird in its mouth!! a whole bird wid d feathers and all dat..soemthin i neva expected..dat little thing which i few totally veg food was after all naturally non veg.. its der in tis gene to hunt food and eat them..but that sight, of that poor innocent bird trapped in the mouth of that kitten was so totally disgusting, early in d mornin... can neva forget wat dat felt lik... dunno i felt pity for all d innocent lives in dis world.. and i realised dats wat happens to all of us at one point of time or d other...


How much meanin der is in even d smallest thing v do or some1 does for us.. recently i hav bin feelin dull and upset bout some stuff... nd without realisin it i started makin gifts and greetings cards for my sisters nd my closest frnds.. I started givin ppl small small surprises dat dey neva expected.. God!! How good that feels..the look on their face when they realise that yu hav not forgotten after all.. when they realise what they mean to yu...the happiness i got when i made otehrs happy, thats when i realised such vital things in life, some things i never realised till now...

Monday, October 19, 2009


its lik once yu wish somethin ll happen, only when it happens maybe that was not wat yu really wanted, so yu wish for somethin else, but this time its d rite thing but yu r too busy to enjoi it.. i 've seen this happenin to so many ppl... dont enjoi wat they hav then feel dat they lost it... wats d point.. wy worry bout future and waste the present.. hav heard so many ppl say dis.. very few actually follow it.. every1 woll be afraid of future but that doesnt mean yu shud not enjoi present na.. hmmm


Nice festival, the proper time of the year when kids have so much fun, and perfect time to taste the different sweets and savouries. Mom and I, we try to experiment as much as we can durin the week before the festival, and fortunately come up with tasty palaptable yet new sweets.. its the time where i jus love to stand in the terrace and look around me and smile.. deepawali in chennai, especially in nite is awesome.. jus standin in the terrace i dunno which direction to turn to, every side there will be such fireworks and awesoem colors which i love to stand and watch.! well, who doesnt..

this time i had an oppurtunity to contemplate on how much i've changed over d yrs.. i remembr during school time i used to spend the whole afternoon times wid my sisters and frnds, bursting crackers continuously till v r tired.. then we went home, and ate and slept and refreshed for burstin fireworks in the terrace in the evenin.. that starts around 6 30 and goes on till 9 or 10 in the nite.. the week before deepwalai is filled wit ideas as to wat to make, and lots of shoppin obviously, mom ll give detailed instructions on d various ingredients for muruku and otehr sweets and savouries.. we discuss wid dad as to what crackers we shud get this time.. making sweets wid mom is interesting and fun..she is very encouragin and gives me a lot of freedom to cook what i like..

this year, so many things have changed.. for one, all my old frnds hav grown up and r workin in different places, hence not much of meetin up and chattin and plannin.. neverthless i enjoyed a lot, but much different than the usual way the past times..

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