Monday, June 21, 2010


I ve not written anything for many many days.. Not because I did not have anything to write about, I had lots to write about, but because I never had the time to patiently pin down everything I had in my mind and then post it. Today I finally decided that the time has come, So... Here goes...

Finally semester exams got over and summer holidays. Much awaited Industrial Visit that I had been organising got canceled, guess no one was really interested, I felt both let down and dumb for doing so much work for people who apparently did not appreciate others' hard work. I know how much time I spent contacting people. trying to pen down a schedule so that I could take everyone into consideration, and finally it gave me a very bad sinking feeling that all my work has come to nothing!

Hmmm so came home and managed to get a week's training in orchid! That should have made my summer happy, but what with getting up at 4 in the morning every day and the plant being 2-3 hours away from my house, the hours of travel every day, and the unbearable stink in the plant! God it was a strange experience! And to top it all I was assigned to the effluent treatment plant! That place stinks so horrible, that I am so glad it got over. Every day had to walk so much, endure that stink and try to learn something from that place. And really, it was a useful training, I got to see all the practical applications of the theories we have studied so far, and a real operating industry is always very interesting. We were shown all over the plant and we even got to see real life situations where there was some problem in the plant and how they solved it. The supervisor was very helpful and explained clearly with the proper flow charts!

In between I had to go to a family function, which was enjoyable and gave me much food for thought. God! How interfering are people who have no other job! Hmmmm after these few days I am back to fretting about the last nine days I have before going back to tanjore! Wat a pity that a month has simply flown off!

And my best friend will be flying to the USA in less than a month. Tat thought sends butterflies flying in my stomach and all other queer feelings in my chest which feels like someone is pressing a heavy weight on my heart! What am I supposed to say at such a point of time? There have been so many people in my life, a few of them who are very close and with whom I share everything, But this little gal is the crux of everything in my life. She is the most special human being and to think that I wont get to meet her for god knows how long, wont get to hear her voice or see her stupid smile, its torture of the worst kind for me. In my life the few special people are my family and a bunch of friends, like this particular gal I am talking about.

Over this one month, there has been more than one occasion where I have thought, I must write this in my blog, but have not been able to follow it up. I wanted to write that all now, but am not able to remember all those moments, but I am sure it will all come eventually and then they will be posted too....

Friday, April 30, 2010


I love teddy bears [who doesnt??!!] and I love soft toys. But after coming to hsotel I realsied how much popular it was for a guy to gift toys to the gal he likes and not just once or twice. Some gals have dozens of dolls and teddies of all colours and sizes!!! I realise each doll is unique and all dat but still do not get the concept of the same guy presenting tons and tons of teddies instead of being innovative and getting different and new stuff everytime :-)

Look dont get me wrong here, I love teddies, but when I keep hearing that each toy that a gal has been given by the same guy.. I wonder..."Does he not have enough brains or imagination or time to think of what gifts to get his gal??!!!"

PS No offence meant to anyone.... Strictly general post.....

all izzzzzz well

When I saw the movie 3 idiots and heard that very famous ' aaal izzzz well' concept, I just smiled, it felt good seeing the reactions of the actors. After thinking for some more time I realsied, it was not a new concept at all. The 'jadooo ki jappi' in Munna bhai [same thing in tamil-vasool raja - katti pudi vaidyam] etc etc the list goes on. Being a hostelite, there has been many instances where some one would be extremely upset and the best way to console her is to just give her a big hug and sit beside her and listen to her, to just get it out of her system :-)

Long time back I had this conversation with a friend I no longer talk with, who was wondering why people needed other people to tell their feelings to and all the dependency shit[basically how can you depend emotionally on another person]. The dialogue said by Aamir is the movie is a perfect come-back to the particular conversation I had with my friend. When asked if 'aaaall izzz well' will solve the problem, Aamir says " no, it will give the strength you need to tackle it".

That is what we all need right? A push, a hug, a pat in the back, a smile, every now and then, to know that we are doing just fine :-) Simple human psychology, wonder why people cant get such a simple thing....

Friday, April 23, 2010


The author has been missing for almost three months now..
Basically her fault...
She thot she was swamped with work and that she had no time to write her blog...
But she comes online and sees so many people much busier than her have been so much more regular in posting on their blogs...
Even people who work!!!
So she is ashamed and decides will be regular here-after...
There has been so much to write about...
Hmmm... Wait... They ll all come soon....

Saturday, January 30, 2010


What is it that captures a kid's attention, and makes her laugh out loud. The kinda laugh that is true and original. When I see kids playing, laughing and having fun, its just the best thing in the world and it instantly lifts my spirits up.

In my friend Sayu's place, I met her two cousins, aged 5 and 6 I guess. They both were the naughtiest ever! Constantly on the run, laughing and giggling and fighting with us, playing with us. They were bubbling with so much energy and that day was one of the most wonderful times I have spent with kids. It felt so good to be there with them, laughing along, without a worry in the world.

Recently, my dad's acquaintances had brought their 6 month old baby gal to our house. God! She was so cute and chirpy. My sisters and myself, we immediately started playing with her showing some toys and she was so fascinated with those, the expression on her face was unbelievable!

Friday, January 29, 2010

One fine day, jus befor an exam

Tomorrow I have an exam, and I am taking a break, and suddenly remembered how we used to play with my teddy bear, last semester. My room-mate and myself, we used to enjoi taking pictures of my sweet teddy, in various positions and postures.

This shows how creative we are, especially during exams, when we gotta be doing something else.

These pictures kinda represent the way we are, we sit down to study in Josh, and after a few minutes, FLAT!!!


Positive Thoughts

Somehow, I tend to think negative, most of the times. There is a constant fear that I may fail, that I may be wrong. That thought kept pulling me down, without my knowledge. A recent conversation with a friend made me realise this fact, and I wondered, why should I be worried?

Hmmmm...When we start doing something with real interest and with a light heart, it works out much better than if we were tensed. After this contemplation, I try think positively every day, to start the day with a smile and continue smiling the whole day, because the smile on the face controls the thoughts in our mind and that changes everything!!!

A simple smile can increase confidence and hence the productivity of any work. For instance, I feel that if I am in doubt over anything, the best solution is to call my mother. Even if she doesnt understand the issue completely, she calms down totally, and gives me the feeling that I am in control of the situation.That gets me going, and till date, I have never regretted taking the advice or suggestion of my mother! Touchwood! :-)

When we talk with friends, or new people, what do we look for in them? I wonder.
I wish things were easy and simple and that we did not have to ponder so much for each and everything.

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