Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The green lightning

"Procrastination is inborn, inbuilt and somehow one can never break out of that cycle!"

Rajiv paused for a minute, wondering what to write further. It had seemed to be an interesting start to a new story, but once he sat down to pen it, the words somehow stopped flowing. He closed his eyes, thinking back, trying to focus on the abstract idea, to give it some form, to put his thoughts into coherent words. It was not working, so he slammed his laptop shut and pulled on a t-shirt. At times like these, the best place to think was above the water tank in the terrace. Lying on his back, looking at the clouds floating above him, he was suddenly struck on his shoulder with a bolt of what seemed to be green light coming from somewhere above his head. With a jump, he got up and jumped down, at the same time searching for the source of the green light. He checked his shoulder and was relieved to find that it was not numb or sore. After looking around for a while, he decided it was part of his vivid author's imagination and went back to his apartment. He had been cooped inside for too long, and the stress was beginning to show. The only reason he had put a break to his social life was that he needed to concentrate on his writing, but he was unable to do that! So what was the point of just shutting out the world!

As expected, his friends were in their usual hangout. Raj, Shalini, Nitesh, Twinkle and Kaamini were surprised, but pleased to see him. They had their usual drinks as celebrations and gradually the group splitted into pairs for light banter and chit chat. As usual Raj was dancing with Twinkle while Shalini and Nitesh were having a private moment. There was an awkward moment between Rajiv and Kaamini. They had been kind of in a relationship until recently when Rajiv had decided that he needed a break from his career, his social and love life to concentrate on his writing. So he had applied for long leave from the accounting firm where he worked, broken up with Kaamini and shut himself in his apartment. Suddenly, after sitting in vain in his room for so long, knowing in his heart that it was a wrong decision, having her sit in front of him, gazing at her lovely brown eyes, he realised what a fool he had been. At that moment, he felt like writing something. Rajiv smiled at Kaamini, took out his scribble pad and started writing. She hesitated at first, but curiosity urged her to move closer and read what he was writing. He was writing a love story, which had an uncanny resemblance to their own. He had written about their very first meeting and how they became friends. Reading those lines brought a smile to her face.

She remembered it like yesterday, his fresh-out-of-college-look, so handsome professional in a crisp black suit, sitting behind his desk. She was a second year B.Com student who had applied for a summer intern position and had come for an interview. Since the Manager was away on an important business trip, Rajiv was handling the interviews. He was an MBA as per his parents' wishes and had been the top scorer in his University and had got the job anyone would die for. In view of a secure future and a luxurious life, he had forgotten his inherent passion for literature and writing. He was full of ideas which were just waiting to be implemented. She, on the other hand, knew exactly what she wanted and had joined the course totally out of interest in accounts and finance. This intern position would provide her with the platform to learn from the best professionals in the field and had lots of potential for learning. They hit off like bread and butter and during the course of summer they were spending quality time together in office.

Now after three years, here they were, sitting among friends, knowing in their hearts that they were made for each other but not knowing if that was what the other wanted. It had all started off well. After finishing her course, she had accepted a job in the same firm he worked. She was the first person with a mere B.Com degree to be accepted as an employee rather than just as an intern. She was sharp and took a keen interest in her work and that helped her stay above the rest of the freshers who had better degrees than her.

To be continued.....


It all started when we had a Team work session where we had to make paper boats as a group. As usual we had great team work and obviously the boats we made did not pass Dhanya's scrutiny, but it succeeded in kindling my curiosity! It felt so great to hold the paper in my hands and fold it to make the boat! One can say that a kutti child inside me was awakened :D What followed was a natural consequence...

I came home and browsed on Godfather(Google) and came up with umpteen websites with detailed instructions and even video on how to make beautiful shapes out of paper (Origami - The Japanese art of folding paper). I wanted to start trying with a modular (3-dimensional) design and started out with lots of enthu!!.. The thing with origami is that one needs tons of patience. Each paper has to be exactly same size and folded precisely for the resulting object to be proper. I chose to make Icosohedran with waves design (which can be found here ). This needs 30 strips of same sized paper and there began my work.

Slowly, painstakingly I marked the proper sizes and cut them up and started the folding. It was pretty captivating that I even forgot to have lunch that day. I just felt like staying there, folding the pieces and arranging them together in the intricate manner. As each piece fell in place, it was immensely satisfying and definitely worth the trouble!!

But as luck would have it, the pieces started falling out one by one. This piece is a 3-dimensional object which needs 30 pieces to be placed in exact positions for it to be held as one shape. So obviously, when I was assembling it, and turning the ball to add more pieces, some pieces fell off. So I used gem clips to hold together the completed vertices! I started on a Saturday and finally by Sunday afternoon I had a beautiful Icosohedran(waves model) in my hand! :D I tried this one with five different colours, and it has come out well :-)

This is what I made:

It feels so great! I am going to try this with more bright colours and thicker paper! maybe I can make lots of these and hang them from the ceiling. They will make a pretty sight to watch. In Google one of the pages I opened had this pretty arrangement of various different shapes all hanging down from the ceiling at various heights. Maybe I will try something like that once I get the time!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

My little yellow meadow

It was just another day, when I was going to office, and I suddenly came upon this little meadow like nook between two buildings. It was a forsaken little place where some had thrown their garbage. Just the kinda place you would definitely find in Chennai, but it was special! It was filled with such wild yellow blossoms!!! A very beautiful and cheerful sight on a cloudy day.

After that, every morning I make it a point to look at the meadow and enjoy my special place with a special smile :-) Every time I pass through that place, my heart sings a happy song :-)

Reminds me of a phrase I came across in a bookmark long back - "Happiness is like the sand in a beach, it is made of small things that make it what it is"  :-)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

One year!!!

I just realised it has been more that a year since my last post and I am surprised that I let it sit for so long!.. With so much going on, I forgot all about coming online and posting...

They say everything has its charm when its new which later fades to oblivion. This is so true!

Take Facebook for instance. I know some people are still glued to FB, but for me, it lost its charm long back!.. I just log in to see if there is any update or an interesting post from friends, because it is easier to keep in touch through FB.

I can extend this logic to almost everything.. from my laptop to cell phone to every other thing I possess, and I am sure that is the case with everyone else too!!...

So that way, (reminds me of Sundi sir and his classes :D) my blog has become old and I have neglected it of late, should try to post more in future.

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