Saturday, August 20, 2011

My little yellow meadow

It was just another day, when I was going to office, and I suddenly came upon this little meadow like nook between two buildings. It was a forsaken little place where some had thrown their garbage. Just the kinda place you would definitely find in Chennai, but it was special! It was filled with such wild yellow blossoms!!! A very beautiful and cheerful sight on a cloudy day.

After that, every morning I make it a point to look at the meadow and enjoy my special place with a special smile :-) Every time I pass through that place, my heart sings a happy song :-)

Reminds me of a phrase I came across in a bookmark long back - "Happiness is like the sand in a beach, it is made of small things that make it what it is"  :-)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

One year!!!

I just realised it has been more that a year since my last post and I am surprised that I let it sit for so long!.. With so much going on, I forgot all about coming online and posting...

They say everything has its charm when its new which later fades to oblivion. This is so true!

Take Facebook for instance. I know some people are still glued to FB, but for me, it lost its charm long back!.. I just log in to see if there is any update or an interesting post from friends, because it is easier to keep in touch through FB.

I can extend this logic to almost everything.. from my laptop to cell phone to every other thing I possess, and I am sure that is the case with everyone else too!!...

So that way, (reminds me of Sundi sir and his classes :D) my blog has become old and I have neglected it of late, should try to post more in future.

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