Monday, March 27, 2017

Home made Almond butter - easier than you think!

After much deliberation, decided to try my hand at Almond Butter today.

Before trying anything new, I check out the method on YouTube. By watching different videos, I get a good idea on consistency, colour of final product, etc. I normally don't stick to measurements and like to eyeball it or taste as I go.. So watching videos makes it easier to get an idea on what to expect :)

You will need:
Mixie (blender) or a food processor
Salt to taste .

I took only 1 cup of Almonds. I suggest that you take more.. It will be easier to process and collect if the quantity is more. With just 1 cup of Almonds I had to scrape the butter from the walls of the mixie.

In a saucepan or frying pan, dry roast the almonds for a few minutes on medium heat.. This helps in releasing the oils better.
Now pulse the Almonds to get a well powdered consistency.  In between, keep checking and scrape the almond bits from the walls to get powder uniformly.
once they are well powdered, continue to process and they will start clumping together.
At this stage, you may add salt to taste. I opted for no salt :)
Add a spoon or 2 of any neutral cooking oil.
A couple of more minutes and you will get a smooth buttery consistency.

Your Almond Butter is now ready! I enjoyed it with a slice of bread :-)

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