Thursday, April 13, 2017

Almond Butter Cookies!!

Every time I make cookies, I love to explore and try new flavours, new textures. This time I have tried my hand at Almond butter cookies :-)

* Almond Butter - here I am using fresh home made almond butter. Recipe here
* Powdered Oats (Recipe here)
* Sugar or Jaggery or Honey (as per preference)

* Keep your Almond Butter ready and in room temperature (Recipe here. )

I made 2 batches. One with Jaggery as sweetener and the other with Honey as sweetener.

* Take 2-3 cups of Powdered Oats (Recipe here) in a large mixing bowl and slowly add almond butter to it and keep folding/mixing.
* Add about 3/4th of a cup to 1 cup of Jaggery (as per your taste preference) to this mixture.
* Make sure that the jaggery is well powdered and not in lumps.
* I got a pack of Organic Natural Sugar (jaggery powder) that I used here.
* Keep folding till you get a dough consistency. 
* If the cookie dough is too dry, add more almond butter. 
* If the dough feels buttery, but still not holding together, add a few drops of water or milk.
* break off a small portion and rub well to make a smooth ball.
* Flatten the ball between your palm to make round cookies of desired thickness.
* I use a Halogen Oven for baking. Baked for about 10 minutes at 180C.
* The temperature and timing depends on your oven setting.
* Keep checking the cookies for browning.
* Once done, take it out and let them cool before transferring to an airtight container for storage.

Freshly made Almond butter 

 Almond butter and oats - Cookie dough

 Ready to bake!

 Fresh out of the oven!


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