Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Cloth Diaper Laundry - So simple!

When I say Cloth diapers - the first thing I hear is "How do we wash them?!"

Well, it is really simple. Cloth diapers (CDs), are just like your regular clothes - just as simple to use, and just as simple to wash :-) You can use any mainstream detergent to wash them.

For detergents, just check these points:
* No additives
* No fabric softeners (like Comfort)
* No fragrances (Jasmine flavoured, etc)
* No Dettol (Oh please!!)

The next question is - hand wash or machine wash?
Well, that is totally up to you! It depends on how you wash your regular laundry.

You can check my regular wash routine - here.

Few points to keep in mind:* Why no additives, fabric softeners (comfort), etc?
Any extra substance you use on CDs, will clog and cause buildup in the diapers, which will reduce their absorbance and also cause stinking issues.

*Dirty diapers smell a lot, can I use a little Comfort or Dettol to make them smell better?
Err, dirty diapers smell. Obviously - they have been peed or pooped in! If you are using sufficient quantity of a good detergent, then your diapers should come out of the wash smelling fresh and clean.
Absorbance is very important for a cloth diaper.
Any additive or fragrance you use will clog the pores and cause more issues in the longer run.

*What temperature should I was CDs in?
Normally CDs do not require special treatment unless you are facing problems like leaky or stinking diaper. You can regularly wash diapers in normal cold water or at 30 C or 40 C. Using very hot water on CDs may cause the elastics to loosen.

Any questions or queries, feel free to ping or email me and I ll be glad to help you out. Alternatively, Expecting mothers, new mothers, mother looking to cloth diaper your child, you can join the Facebook Group - Cloth Diapering India. It is a support group from Cloth Diapering mothers, with plenty of resources :-)

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