Monday, April 24, 2017

Cloth Diapering - my wash routine

The most common query I come across is regarding washing CDs (Cloth Diapers). I have summarised my every day wash routine below.

I have been CDing for almost 2 years now and I always wash her CDs together with the family laundry in the washing machine.

I have used  
*Surf Excel
*Amway SA8 
*Rustic Art (Power Laundry)

Amount of detergent you use for every wash depends on the load - number of clothes and how dirty they are (a day out in the park, more poopy diapers, etc).

This is my wash routine:

* Dirty diaper goes inside a large laundry basket (with holes for air circulation)
* If there is poop, shake the solids into the toilet and flush. You can also spray off the solids into the toilet. Rinse the diaper under tap and store the diaper in the said laundry basket.
* we do our laundry every night.
* Pre wash in cold water, with little detergent (this step is important to remove most of the urine and dirt) so that when the main wash cycle runs, the clothes are washed and rinsed in clean water.
* Main wash at 30 C or 40 C with sufficient detergent depending on the load.
* Once washed, sun dry.

This routine has worked well for me over the past couple of years, while using different detergents too.

Any questions or queries, feel free to ping or email me and I ll be glad to help you out. Alternatively, Expecting mothers, new mothers, mother looking to cloth diaper your child, you can join the Facebook Group - Cloth Diapering India. It is a support group from Cloth Diapering mothers, with plenty of resources :-)

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