Thursday, April 13, 2017

My Kitchen Essentials!!

Apart from the regulars, I have a few specific items always readily available in my kitchen :-) I often use these in my recipes and will be referring to them in my posts.

Powdered Oats
I like to use powdered oats in a lot of my recipes. It is healthy and easy to use :-)

* Take a deep frying pan (to avoid the oats from spilling out) and dry roast for about 5-10 minutes
* Normally I turn off the stove just before the colour starts changing.
* Transfer the oats to a large plate for it to cool faster.
* Blend to a a fine powder once cool, and store in an air tight container.

* Add a few spoons in regular dosa or idli batter for making an easy version of Oats Dosa.
* If any gravy or batter has become runny, a little bit of this oats powder will thicken it.
* I use this powder in almost all my cookie preparations.
* Mix a few spoons of this powder with Atta to make healthy Oats Rotis or Oats Poori.
* Oats porridge is very easy with this powder. Cooks faster too.
* When making patties or cutlets, you can roll the patty or cutlet in this powder too, instead of bread crumbs.

Garlic bread seasoning

Got this in the local supermarket and absolutely love it!! Gives a mild garlic feel, nothing too strong.
* Usually sprinkled on my sandwiches
* even once in a pasta dressing
* Seasoning for Bread upma :D

I sprinkle this on any dish I feel like..
I am using the other herbs from this same brand - Oregano, Basil, Mixed herbs, and they are quite good!

Melagu-Jeeraga podi (Pepper-Cumin seeds powder)

This powder gives the nice flavour of cumin seeds along with the spice of peppers. 

* Dry roast some pepper and Cumin seeds individually.
* Allow them to cool down and then blend to a smooth powder.

The quantity of Cumin seeds and pepper depends on personal preference. I prefer more of cumin seeds, so I go for 2:1 ratio (2 measures of cumin seeds). If you want the powder to be more spicy, you can even go for 1:1 ratio.

As both the pepper and cumin seeds are wel roasted before grinding, the powder can be used directly.

* Final seasoning on rasam, just before switching off the stove.
* seasoning on Fried Rice/pulav for an extra punch.
* In sadnwiches.
* Sprinkled on salads (yummm!)

Sundal Podi

Dry Roast the following separately and grind coarsely:
* 1 cup Kadala paruppu (Gram dall)
* 1/2 cup Daniya
* Dry Red Chillies - according to taste

This is a very versatile powder that I use extensively in my regular South Indian cooking. As the name suggests, its main use is in Sundal :D

Other uses are:
* Final seasoning for Sambar, to add an extra punch
* Additional flavour in Kootu
* Perfect seasoning for Brinjal fry!

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