Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Paal Kova - yummy milk sweet

Few days back I had some extra milk on hand, and I was craving for some sweet. First thing that came to my mind was Paal Kova :) Mom used to make for almost all special occasions and I remember my uncle used to specifically request for this ;-)

Paal Kova is a sweet made of densely condensed milk, with sugar to taste and elaichi powder for flavour.

Back then, we used to spend ages stirring the milk, never moving away from the stove. But over the years, I have learnt to be a little more relaxed.

* Full Fat Milk
* Sugar 
* Elaichi powder

* Boil the full fat milk with some stirring in between.
* After the milk boils, keep the stove on low and let it continue to boil. The milk should become thicker and reduce in volume
* In between, keep stirring so that milk does not sediment on the side and does not stick to the bottom.
* A thick bottomed vessel is good for this.
 * Slowly you will begin to notice colour change. As th milk thickens to semi solid consistency, add sugar as per your taste. Sugar level depends on your preference.
* Add a bit of elaichi powder to taste. You can use freshly ground elaichi powder or store bought.

In this photo, it is almost ready. The colour has changed and milk and thickened considerably.

 At this stage you have to be very careful. It is almost completed. You will know that it is ready when it stops sticking to the sides and starts coming off easily.

Transfer to a bowl and enjoy warm or you can chill and serve as dessert :-)

Note - If I am keeping the kova in the vessel itself, I switch off the stove a few minutes earlier as the vessel will retain some heat and some amount of evaporation will take place even after the stove is switched off. This time, I have immediately transferred to a different bowl, so I ensure that Kova is completely done before switching off the stove :-)

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